Antivirus Performance Comparison

They can be anything from the theft of the space on your hard disk to accessing your private information and draining your CPU. There are a variety of anti-virus software available that can help protect your devices and prevent such issues. The key is to choose one that has the least impact on system performance. Every antivirus program we offer is tested against this aspect. The results are based on how long it takes each program to complete an operation. For instance, Kaspersky Security Cloud Free had a background impact of just 6% while performing an entire scan, while ESET had a slightly higher impact of 12%.

Avira is a German company has a good reputation in our tests. It always scores over 90% in all three categories: Protection (False positives), Performance (False Positives) and Usability. The user interface has a wealth of features and features, including a sophisticated “firewall” and a variety of privacy tools. Avira subscriptions are priced per month instead of a fixed three-year period. This makes it easier to cancel the subscription or change the terms at any time.

A fairly new name in our tests, Essentware – which was previously known as PCKeeper uses the Avira engine under the hood and generally scores pretty well across the range. The interface is easy to use and its performance was decent this month, although a few stability issues – mostly related to scanning jobs locking up – affected the score. However, the detection was satisfactory and a flawless run through the certification sets earned it a VB100 award.

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